Tuesday, February 9

your MOUTH is the biggest power

Do you know what interest me in today lesson?

"WORD-OF-MOUTH contagion is an essential component of experiential marketing."

I second that idea very much as I believe that word of mouth has a strong influence on people.

How to say that?

"TWITTER" is the most obvious example!!

twitter is so happening right now that everybody loves to tweet almost every day, every hour or even every minute.

So, you could just imagine how beneficial twitter is.

I love to tweet as well and until one day I found out about "ipad" through tweeter.

People are discussing it so much that it just appeared on my time line.

I checked it out immediately as I was curious too what "ipad" looks like and everything, and then I shared it to my friends about it via twitter.

I personally think that if someone expects people to know their product or events, I might suggest to spread it first via Facebook and Twitter.

I found a lot of people had their products sold via facebook and it is very efficient.

Hence, to me the power of spreading from mouth to mouth is just so effective and also fast.





My mom once told me if I want to destroy my enemy, I have to get to know his or her weaknesses first, then only I'd know the way to defeat him or her.

To me, being a practitioner is similar to that case,
doing research, analysis, and evaluation are needed to construct a strategy, so that the strategy would carry out the intended meaning (strategy where we can easily defeat our enemy). It’s something like how can you develop a strategy without knowing the public knowledge, how is your organization’s surrounding, and what is the background that leads to the problem?

What do you say? I mean it's just so true that research is just so important to understand your case well.

You will definitely fail to get your clients in your hands if you do not have enough understanding about their backgrounds or whatever is related to them.

Okay, for instance, if we want to help apple to create public awareness about their new collection, IPAD, how do you think you will start off first?

Promote it directly based on the knowledge that you own?

If there is a customer or journalist who wants to know deeper about the IPAD and unfortunately you do not know, what do you think the customer or journalist will do?

Therefore, better to get your research done perfectly before you go on with your case studies.

It's just a common knowledge that you've got to know this fundamental research thingy.

So, all the best for your research! ;D

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