Thursday, March 18

How PR works in your country?





What is so different in Asia in term of public relations?

It is different in a way ...

According to Richard Stanton,

"different types of practice and management need to be applied in different circumstances in different countries."

"Culture and language play important roles in developing relationships and framing issues."

Just take a look in a country such as Indonesia, China, Thailand, Malaysia etc.

What do you have in mind when you heard about these countries?

Frankly said they are nothing.

They are just way too different from western countries, that is why the way the practitioner works over there also must not the same.

They have a lot of races within a country and it is not easy to get them united.

In term of language, it is a a little bit different too I suppose.

"In Japan for instance : PR is practised in a cultural and economic context that differs little from Western countries."

"In Indonesia : PR is directed neither by a code of ethics nor by certification."

"In Singapore : "the primary purpose of public relations is government propaganda."

In Malaysia : "It is employed at a variety of levels but fluctuates depending upon the political circumstances of the day."

From that we know that differ country has differ PR models.

Just take the one in Indonesia, how does it make sense that PR over there is directed neither by a code of ethics nor by a certification?

In Australia there is this organization called PRIA, the institution for PR, its just so obvious that over there PR is really effective and they have proven it.

Differ from how PR works in Australia, PR in Indonesia instead seems not to have much work.

Here is an article I found about how "lovely" PR in Indonesia is.

"Unspun’s been long dissatisfied about how the state of the public relations industry in Indonesia. There are many putative professional PR organizations but all they do is talk, talk, talk and are dominated by a few over the hill figures whose main motivation seems to be to hold office and go on sponsored junkets. In the times that they hold workshops for PR practitioners they trot out these dinosaurs spewing PR theories a few decades old and bore the shit out of everyone."

So, actually it is clear that PR does not really work in Indonesia.

They seem to believe advertising is more reliable than PR.

Theunspunblog, 2009.
Finally, a group that would really work for the Indonesian PR industry? Viewed on 16th March 2010, from


  1. I couldn't agree more when you say that culture and language holds an important role developing relationships. And I think they are also important in planning for your strategies and tactics.

  2. I think you've just educated me the importance of culture understandings. especially in Asia's country where you have a lot of different races and languages. Thanks for the post anyway!