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I need somebody to manage me





The public relations management role in organizations is grounded in systems theory (Mehta&Xavier 2009). 

To achieve organizational goals, internal public relations practitioners must be aware of the relationships between the public relations function and other corporate functions (Mehta&Xavier 2009).

An important role is to build relationships with employees with specific regard to communication channels and organizational culture (Mehta&Xavier 2009).

Let’s just take a hotel in Jakarta as the example, Ritz Carlton hotel in Jakarta, we all know for sure that it is a 5 stars hotel.

They provide each of the customers with excellent service.

How do you think they can be so successful if not because of the good relationships between the public relations function and corporate functions such as the employees in the Ritz Carlton.

 It is essential to have them committed to one another as you know every person is related to a system, that’s why it is important to get them united.

Unity is significant to let the organization achieves its goal easily.

Do you think it is easy to achieve one goal if the staff inside never really work together with each other?

What do you think Ritz Carlton will have become if each of the staff do not have common objective?

Therefore, the public relations practitioners must be aware and take a good care of their job to maintain the relationships between the manager and the employees to accomplish the same objective.

Here is the link of the Ritz Carlton press kit if you'd like to refer to:

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  1. Hey Indah I agree.. you choose Ritz Carlton for your example. I think they have a very committed workers and good management that made RitzCarlton a famous 5star hotel local and internationally.